Planer Limited (Planer) warrant to the original purchaser of products supplied by it that it will make good, by repair to, (or at Planer's option by the supply of replacement(s) of at least equivalent prior-to-fault standard), any part or parts of the goods, defects in which (under proper installation and use by the purchaser), arise within a period of: twelve calendar months from delivery. This is provided such defect arises solely from faulty design, materials or workmanship, and that the defective items are promptly returned, carriage and insurance paid, unless agreed otherwise in writing. Any repaired or new parts will be supplied free of charge, FOB Sunbury, UK.
Save as stated above, no liability shall be accepted by Planer for any loss, damage or injury arising directly or indirectly in connection with the goods supplied by it, or their use. However, nothing in these Conditions shall be deemed to exclude or limit (a) liability for personal injury or death caused by the negligence of Planer or persons under Planer's control and (b) any other liability which cannot be excluded or limited under applicable law nor, to the extent of any mandatory requirement of English Law, for damage to tangible personal property of purchaser or its employees caused by negligence of Planer.
No warranty attaches to any goods supplied by Planer to which repairs, rework, modifications or attachments have been made other than through (i) Planer Engineers (ii) the Planer manufacturing unit (iii) Planer authorised Service Personnel. Recommendations, technical data or advice relating to goods supplied or their use are given in good faith by Planer, but without liability for any loss, damage or injury arising directly or indirectly from any errors or omissions therein. Goods returned 'under warranty' and found not to be defective or returned without complying with the necessary Planer decontamination procedure may be subject to a charge covering testing and handling at purchaser's expense.

The lifespan of products produced or manufactured by Planer, unless otherwise specifically stated, is seven years. However this may be extended from year to year via maintenance contracts with Planer or their authorised service providers. These are subject to agreement in each case and age, condition and previous maintenance of equipment will govern cost and availability. The company will provide 6 months' notice before ceasing the manufacture and offer of a product line. This date, the 'end-of-sale' date, is the last day when that specific type of product may be ordered. This notice will appear on the company website at http://www.planer.com on the Company / Legal page .

The company will always try to help customers with questions about a product after its end-of-sale date, subject to the existence of an appropriate maintenance agreement; however, support may be affected by the availability of spare parts following the product end-of-sale date. After their end-of-sale dates, desktop and server applications may also be supported in the same way as above, provided an appropriate maintenance agreement is agreed and the underlying operating system remains supported by any third party supplier.

This policy may be changed from time to time so please check the website for the latest issue
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LD-SDEA-AZFEHV issue 2 09/02/2019